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Focus BioEnergy

Focus BioEnergy is an engineering and project company specializing in servicing the industry in the transaction from fossil fuel to green energy.

The company focuses on conversion  of biomass into energy by combusting, and thereby creating thermal energy in the orm of steam. The steam production can be used in industry as process energy or in the district heating industry. Furthermore, the steam production can be combined with a steam turbine to generate electricity.

Focus BioEnergy expertise lies in the range 1 – 15 MW thermal boiler capacity with a focus on fuels such as wood chips, wood pellets, wood waste, straw and other agricultural products. Focus BioEnergy cover the range from fuel handling, combustion technology, turbine operation, flue gas cleaning and ash handling to advanced control systems.

Brewery Vestfyen: Focus BioEnergy implemented their solution of switching from fossil fuels to primary biofuels at the brewery Vestfyen in 2015.

Thus, the company replaced the brewery’s process of heating with oil with a process of heating with wood chips sourced from residual wood in the Danish forestry and wood works industry.

This solution has enabled the brewery to reduce its carbon impact and minimize its energy expenses.

Focus BioEnergy
Papirfabrikken 24
8600 Silkeborg
+45 6054 4417